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In-game Rules
1. No walljumping for objective.
2. No spawnkilling with heavyweapons (soldier class: mortar, panzer, flamer).
3. No disrespectful words towards anyone (no abusive or racial language).
4. No hacking (aimbotting, wallhacking) attempts.
5. No misuse of your own admin commands. Use them only for right purposes.
6. No impersonating anyone and it means that you can't steal other player's name.

Forum Rules
1. Don't spam topics with posts like "xD" or "ok". Try using sentences.
2. Don't use abusive language towards anyone (no disrespecting or intentionally harassing).
3. Don't use illegally obtained content in your signature (pornographic material for example).
4. Keep the size of personal images down. An image under 1000x1000x is suitable
5. If you're a moderator, don't delete topics, just move them into the Recycle Bin.
6. Make sure you post in the right section (applications are not announcements for example).

Recruiting on other servers
I'm just here to clarify the fact that recruiting on other clans' servers is not allowed. If anyone sees or reports you for that thing, I think there's only one way to handle this: kick and ban out of xXx. You know, it doesn't just get us a bad reputation but desperate too.

If this kind of thing happens, we need circumstantial information and evidence (footage, screenshots etc).

We can advertise ourselves on other websites with permissions granted but we can't take other members from other clans.

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