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 Main Rules (Explained Specifically)

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PostSubject: Main Rules (Explained Specifically)   Main Rules (Explained Specifically) Icon_minitime1Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:17 pm

Main Rules.

These rules have to be followed, you're at least bound to do that, that's the least you can do.

About the punishment ways, you can see how it's done at the end of this topic.

Information: There is no elegant word for botting but whoever is, it's called aimbotting. It is a cheat where players fall for too easily when they've got bored of the game or aren't that good at fragging (fragging is not sniping, it's regular fighting againt the other team). You can encounter a player aimbotting when his/her body turns towards the enemy whom he/she sees first. Aimbotting can also be recognized by checking out the stats of the player (hold ALT down), if there are twice or three times more headshots than kills, the player usually appears to be cheating (this is not always a good way to catch it up). For cases like these, higher admins' help is expected.

1. Don't give any warnings, they're useless. Ban permanently!

Asking for admin
Information: This is classified in a pathetic way to gain more glory and higher level. You must understand that you get higher levels surely in the future but you have to earn them. Do you think the army goes like this? You ask for a higher rank in the army for serving the country? You're going to get ejected. So as you know you can't ask for admin in most clans, we are no difference either.

1. One way to stop this is by telling the player to stop asking for it. This is no warning, it's a recommendation.
2. Mute and disorient him/her for a while like 5 mins (remember to unmute and orient afterwards).
3. We've had enough of this crap, it's time to give him/her a instant but permanent ban.

Double clanning
Information: This is when a person is being in two different clans at the same time. It is reckoned to be cheating the other clan which we don't allow. You may notice this happening when the person's using two different tags (usually recognizable while connecting). However, the tags don't tell you the whole truth so be sure of double clanning.

1. This has villainous causes which we wanna reduce. Exhibit him/her that you're double clanning with evidence and give a warning.
2. If declines and claims not double clanning even though it's the whole truth you know it for sure, ban permanently.

Disrespect and abuse
Information: Abuse has many forms. There is particularly no explanation for what abusing is but one of the forms is disrespecting. It means the same thing but abuse is more comprehensive. Anyway abusing is like name-calling, displeasing, using your admin priviledges incorrectly, intentionally harrashing and being racially abusive. Both disrespect and abuse are the matters that we're trying to prevent the best we can.

1. First offence always comes with a warning. Warn the player for abusing or disrespecting. Explain how he/she did it and what the causes are.
2. Kick it out if the player won't pay attention. We don't want crap on our server.
3. It's really ignoble to move on with this so ban for 1 week without mercy.
4. Usually by now the player has given up but few may come back, so ban permanently this time.

Information: Hacking is usually compared to botting mostly whereas it is not it. So it isn't anything like botting, forget it. Hacking comes into play when a player enters the game and is having some sort of a hack system. For easing up the hacking process, servers have enabled rcon, ref and voting. For the look of our server, we have none of them enabled. So hacking is particularly stealing passwords and dealing with rcon and ref.

1. Whoever is manifested or caught for hacking (prospective hacker), ban permanently without mercy.

High ping
Information: Will result in lag of server. We have to kick some players out for keeping the server stable.

Kick info:
- Server half full = Kick with ping over 600.
- Server totally full = Kick with ping over 500.
- Server 1/4 full = Try best not to kick unless this person has very very high like over 900.

1. If the player rejoins the game with the same ping he was kicked out for, tell again to reduce his/her ping.
2. If still keeps reconnecting, try your best to prevent the server from laggying so take action and ban him/her for 3 days at least, 1 week at most. Perhaps it's now suffered its punishment.

Information: Impersonating is absolutely unspeakable. We can't tolerate people who steal other players' names for fun or just making fun of someone. These players who impersonate someones, are also known as imposters. It's an equal name for them.

1. Tell them to stop impersonating immediately or further action will be taken.
2. Kick them out one at a time and get their ID (IP and GUID).
3. Ban for 1 month.

Language (other than English)
Information: People can speak their native languages but only on one condition, if they do it in private. Not allowed to be spoken other languages in public.

1. Tell them to speak it on their time (on location outside of server) or in private.
2. Mute them for 5 mins (remember to unmute afterwards).
3. Kick them out for ceasing to comply with cooperating.

Language (disrespectful words)
Information: If you dirty talk here around us, we're not gonna throw you into oblivion, we're gonna give you a punishment of your kind.

1. Tell not to use bad words.
2. Mute for 5 mins or longer (no permanent).
3. If he's/she's still being vicious (mean), no choice than banning for 1 week.

Information: Resignation is also known as leaving the clan (or retiring). If you leave, make sure you leave a simple post about that you're leaving us. Furthermore if you are giving rejoining a try in the future and didn't post that post, I'm afraid we can't let you in anymore. If people can't do this it's their own personal problem, this is just so simple that can't be misunderstood.

1. If the player has left us and is wearing the clan tags on our server(s), kick him/her out for good.
2. Ban for 1 month if comes with the same tags and won't rename himself/herself.

Information: Also known as SK. We disallowed spawnkilling with heavyweapons (MG40 gun, mortar, panzerfaust or flamethrower). What is spawnkilling precisely? Well it's killing at the place where your enemies are respawning to (reborning after getting killed). Remember that it's not spawnkilling if there's another place to respawn (open Limbo by pressing L, hover your mouse onto any flag, double click it and your respawning place will change).

1. Tell to stop spawnkilling right at this second.
2. If not cooperative, splat 2 times when not dead.
3. Kick out for ignoring high admins and spawnkilling with heavyweapons.
4. Ban for 1 week if still doesn't stop it. This must end right now!

Push and poke
Information: We can't allow people poke other teammates against their will. If you've allowed your teammate to poke or push you, that's ok and really allowed but against your will this player isn't going to get away from this situation easily. Harms the way of teamwork and so on, so stop pushing or poking. Remember this that you can always push or poke your enemies!

1. Tell not to push or poke me or other players again.
2. Warn that there will be consequences if you do this again.
3. Disorient or splat.
4. Kick out if still somehow doesn't obey.
5. Ban for 1 week to put an end to it.

Information: Members are bound to wear our tags as they/we represent the clan. There is no way that you don't wear the tags but you're still in the clan. We might take actions to seize your position in Triple X which would mean eliminating you.

1. Tell to wear our tags at all times.
2. If doesn't obey, call a higher admin to come along and let him do the job for you, he's more experienced.

Information: This has nothing to do with trickjump remember that. It's making use of doublejump to skip through objective points such as gates or doors, also to get the map finished faster). It's become a little bit more difficult because we have decreased the height of doublejump however it doesn't mean you couldn't be able to perform it anyway don't try it, only at your own risk.

1. Tell to stop walljumping before it's too late to stop it.
2. Ensure it doesn't do it again so kick him/her out.
3. If it really goes this far, it has become ridicilous and should be punished with a 7 day ban.


This is a little guidance for you my mates to deal with the things above.

Ban times:
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 3600 (1 hour / 60 mins)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 5400 (1,5 hours / 90 mins)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 86400 (1 day)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 172800 (2 days)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 604800 (1 week)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 1209600 (2 weeks)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 2419200 (1 month)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 4838400 (2 months)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 14515200 (half a year)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 29030400 (1 year)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 58060800 (2 years)
!ban [SLOT#/Name] 999999999999999999999 (permanent) (doesn't matter how many nines but make sure there's enough)

Use of commands:
!ban [SLOT#/Name] [Time]
!disorient [SLOT#/Name]
!finger [SLOT#/Name]
!help [Name of Command] (without the exclamation mark !)
!kick [SLOT#/Name]
!mute [SLOT#/Name]
!orient [SLOT#/Name]
!gib [SLOT#/Name]
!unmute [SLOT#/Name]
!burn [SLOT#/Name
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Main Rules (Explained Specifically)
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